A character analysis of the story return to bitter creek

The final setting is Montana.

A character analysis of the story return to bitter creek

Up In the late s, young Carl Fredricksen was a shy, quiet boy who idolized renowned explorer Charles F. One day, Carl befriended a tomboy named Elliewho was also a Muntz fan.

She confided to Carl her desire to move her "clubhouse" — an abandoned house in the neighborhood — to a cliff overlooking Paradise Falls and made him promise to help her. Carl and Ellie eventually got married and grew old together in the restored houseworking in a zoo as a balloon vendor and a zookeeper, respectively.

After a miscarriage, they repeatedly pooled their savings for a trip to Paradise Falls, but always ended up spending it on more pressing needs.

Just as Carl and Ellie, who were both senior citizens, finally seemed able to take their trip, Ellie contracted an illness and died of old age, leaving Carl by himself, becoming bitter and cranky and missing his wife terribly.

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After a fight with a construction worker over his broken mailbox, the court orders Carl to move into the Shady Oaks Retirement Home. Carl comes up with a scheme to keep his promise to Ellie: Russella young Wilderness Explorer a fictional scouting organizationbecomes an accidental passenger in an effort to earn his final merit badge for assisting the elderly.

After surviving a thunderstorm, the house lands near a ravine facing Paradise Falls. Carl and Russell harness themselves to the still-buoyant house and begin to walk it around the ravine, hoping to reach the falls before the balloons deflate.

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They later befriend a tall, colorful flightless bird whom Russell names " Kevin " who is trying to reach her chicks and a dog named Dugwho wears a special collar that allows him to speak.

Muntz invites Carl and Russell aboard his dirigible, where he explains that he has spent the years since his disgrace searching Paradise Falls for the giant bird. Carl rushes to put out the fire, allowing Muntz to take the bird.

Carl and Russell eventually reach the falls, but Russell is angry with Carl over his decision to save his house instead of Kevin. Reinvigorated, he goes to find Russell, only to see him sailing off on some balloons to save Kevin. Carl empties the house of furniture and possessions and pursues him.

Russell is captured by Muntz, but Carl manages to board the dirigible in flight and free both Russell and Kevin, having a fight with Muntz.

Carl lures Kevin out through a window and back onto the airship with Dug and Russell clinging to her back, just as Muntz is about to close in. Muntz leaps after them, only to snag his foot on some balloon lines and fall to his death.

Snapped from its tether, the house descends out of sight through the clouds, which Carl accepts as being for the best.


Carl and Russell reunite Kevin with her chicks, then fly the dirigible back to the city. The two then enjoy some ice cream together, sitting on the curb outside the shop as Russell and his father used to do, with the dirigible parked nearby.

After hearing the voice, Dug reunites with the two to find a new master for him after Alpha, Beta, and Gamma scold Dug for not capturing Kevin, the rare bird Muntz was to capture, as he finds two new masters to assist him.

During the image where Dug speaks to Carl and Russell, the two are suddenly surprised that he is able to talk before the image cuts to black.

Carl first appears telling nurses George and A. However, the two nurses notice there are lots of balloons on his house which floats over them as Carl bids them a farewell. The next day during morning news, a journalist tells the nurses to tell the public what they saw after mentioning that Carl was accused for harming a construction worker and now takes off with his house filled with balloons and indeed escaped.

Carl appears at the Walt Disney Studios Park as a walkaround character. He also appears on the Up float in the Pixar Play Parade following its refurbishment. Trivia If Carl is 78 years old inand if he was 9 inhe was either born in or Carl wore the same style of glasses at every age.

Both these last two points were Pixar deciding to go for believable rather than realistic.

A character analysis of the story return to bitter creek

Carl is the second human protagonist in a Pixar feature film, after Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles. He will be followed by Elastigirl in Incredibles 2.

A character analysis of the story return to bitter creek

Carl is the second oldest protagonist of a Pixar film, the oldest being WALL-Eas he has been "alive" for more than years the movie WALL-E takes place inand Up takes place in the year it was released.

Carl is also the second Pixar protagonist to lose his love interest after Marlin from Finding Nemo.A Literary Analysis of Return to Bitter Creek. words. 2 pages. A Summary of the Story of "Return to Bitter Creek" by Doris Buchanan Smith.

words. 2 pages. A Character Analysis of the Story "Return to Bitter Creek" words. 2 pages. An Analysis of Lacey Bittner in Return to Bitter Creek by Doris Buchanan Smith. Hercules (character) is a featured article, which means it has been identified as one of the best articles produced by the Disney Wiki community.

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The story then cuts to an early incident where Jim lost an opportunity to prove his mettle: he "leapt" too late, missing his chance. Then, after a long injury and hospital stay, instead of deciding to return to England, Jim accepts the position of chief mate of the Patna, an old local steamship carrying Muslim pilgrims to Mecca.

"An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" takes place during the Civil War, so this video will give you a different perspective on the war. In addition, note the stream of consciousness the author uses to relay the thoughts of the main character. Bitter Creek Series 12 primary works • 13 total works The story of two feuding Texas ranch families – the Blackthornes and the Creeds – one rich and prosperous, one struggling, and the animosity that’s existed between them since the Civil War.

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