A dialogue on personal identity and immortality essay

Personal Identity can be broken down into three areas:

A dialogue on personal identity and immortality essay

No authority can prove it.

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We will write a custom essay sample on Philosophy: Thus, both commentaries imply that the soul and the spirit are the same. Through the birth of philosophical notion on the issue of people having an immortal soul, it could then be assured that through the different theories formed by early philosophers, many people were confused about the truth on the matter.

Hence, to be able to clearly understand the issue, further studies were made and were formulated to answer the queries of people regarding a living soul.

In the paragraphs to follow, the conversation of Miller and Weirob shall be examined as to how the two philosophers are Philosophy: The said hypotheses are as follows: The Immortality of the Soul and Personal Identity. Survival is identity with a future person The fact that there has to be a certain connection between the events and the physical experiences that a person passes through life makes the possibility of a life after death experience, or the idea of an immortal soul a possible matter at that.

According to Miller, the identity of person could only be tracked down through memory. Hence, once an event is remembered by a person then he gains the old personal identity he once had during his earlier or first life.

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This identity, according to him is someone that exists in heaven. This could be referred to as a complete depiction of the person that is living on earth at present. Weirob however, further argues that even though there exists an immortal soul as other philosophers claim, the said factor of human life [soul] cannot account for identity unlike how people could do as they live.

Weirob proves this argument by pointing out the differences between remembering and seeming to remember. According to her, there is a big difference Philosophy: The Immortality of the Soul and Personal Identity between the two activities of the mind.

Whereas remembering pertains to the ability of the person to recall the exact things as it all happened to him during an earlier part of his life. However, seeming to remember is to quite know what happened as it happened but not actually knowing the exact events that occurred.

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To support this claim, Weirob uses an example: However, remembering in detail would not be that easy to copy as hypnotism does. By stating the said claims, Weirob was also able to come up with her own hypotheses about the matter: However, the circularity of the matter proves otherwise.

As clearly discussed by Weirob, survival is possible for a person not through the plain ability of being able to remember memories but through continuous existence in life.

It may not be through being reincarnated or things as such, but through the ability of the person to make himself be remembered by others even when after he dies through his works while he is still living.John Perry, A Dialogue on Personal Identity and Immortality (not “Immorality”!) Gretchen Weirob (philosophy teacher, atheist, materialist, empiricist).

A dialogue on personal identity and immortality essay

Personal Identity Personal Identity can be broken down into three areas: 1.) Body 2.) Memory and 3.) Soul. In John Perry's "A Dialogue on Personal Identity and Immortality" these composing aspects of personal identity are discussed at length.

In Perry’s Dialogue on Personal Identity and Immortality there is a conversation between three characters that lasted over a period of three nights. The way the dialogue of the conversation was set up was that each night the topic of the argument will get more intense, tricky and complicated.

Personal Identity and Immortality I. Some Background (A) The Self Dialogue.) (3) Animalism: you are the same person over time if and only if there is a continuity of your organism.

(Think of the identity of any animal or any organism. personal identity consists in sameness of immaterial soul.”) (B) Second Night. by Neusa Facenda April Perry’s A Dialogue on Personal Identity and Immortality gives an example of logical thinking and argumentation.

More than theorizing, this text expresses ways of defending ideas and proving them to be true or more-likely-to-be-true than other ideas. Perry On Personal Identity. What follows is a (long-ish!) summary of Perry's A Dialogue on Personal Identity and Immortality. 1. The First Night The Challenge.

Weirob challenges her friend Miller to comfort her on her death bed by showing that there is, at the very least.

Perry – A Dialogue on Personal Identity and Immortality