How to write a cv in british english

Write your contact details across the page saving space Include your landline, mobile and email address. The rest of your CV content will be based on this section.

How to write a cv in british english

How to write a CV. Provide evidence Tell the truth. Work out what qualifications, experience, and skills are required for the jobs you are considering and think of what you have done that matches those attributes.

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Be specific, focused, and factual and give full explicit details and provide evidence for any claims you make.

For example, if you claim to be a good communicator then explain exactly what you did in your job that demonstrated this claim. Writing Style Make sure the spelling is correct. Get at least two people to check and read your CV. Don't use the word 'I'. Start every sentence with a verb or action word.

Print to good quality plain white a4 paper only.

how to write a cv in british english

Length Try to keep your CV between 1 and 3 pages long and paragraphs to a maximum of 6 lines. Try to use a maximum of 6 bullet points together, each bullet not more than one or two sentences.

What to include Don't include any negatives or anything critical.

how to write a cv in british english

Don't include poor grades, or unfortunate work experiences. There is rarely an advantage to include any personal interests or hobbies in your CV unless relevant to the job. Don't include references unless specifically requested - they can be requested upon interview.

Don't include a photograph unless relevant, such as acting.

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Do not include matters about your health or any disabilities you have. Do not include any trade union or political affiliations. Don't include children you have. Don't show your existing salary or expected salary unless requested. Formatting, graphics, and images Only use bold, underlining, and italics sparingly for emphasis and easy navigation.

For example, on section and sub headings. Do not use all caps. Do not use graphics or images. Chronological or functional A chronological style CV is the most common format and is preferred by employers.

With a chronological style CV your work history and education entries are sorted by date in order of most recent first. However, if you want to focus on your skills and experience and have changed careers often, or have large unexplained gaps in your employment history then a functional style CV may be best.

Be careful as function style CVs can sometimes be viewed as attempting to hide gaps. Do not attempt to hide any gaps as most of the time there is a perfectly good reason, such as getting laid off it happens!

Personal details and photos There is no need to include attributes such as gender, date of birth, photograph, children, weight, height, or marital status. There are exceptions however, for example if you are an actor. If you are not a citizen of the united kingdom then you should include nationality.Live worksheets > English > English as a Second Language (ESL) > Days and dates > How to write and say dates in English How to write and say dates in English Learn to write and say the dates in British and American English.

CV-Resume > CV-Resume: Sample resumes CV-Resume: Sample resumes. When it comes to looking for a job you will often need to send your CV Resume to companies. However it can be difficult to know exactly what to include in your CV Resume so that you can improve your chances of the company considering you as a potential candidate.

Improve your writing with our lessons, model texts and exercises at different levels. Choose the level that is best for you and start learning how to write clearly and effectively in English. How to write a CV: optional sections There are a great many more sections you can include in your CV, depending on the amount of space you have (keeping within the 2 page limit for most positions) and how relevant the sections are to the role.

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This lesson looks at CV's and what should be included on them. Alongside the main content there is an activity where groups can produce a CV for a case study. The lesson can be adapted accordingly to suit each year group.

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