Landmark case evaluation

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Landmark case evaluation

Data Quality Photo credit: To ensure high-quality and accurate information, the Operational Team and Steering Group have instituted several quality-control measures. These parties are fully responsible for the accuracy and quality of the data they provide.

Any errors are the responsibility of the data providers, although LandMark can serve as an intermediary in informing providers of inaccuracies.

Data – LandMark

Users may contact the data provider directly Landmark case evaluation contact the LandMark Operational Team to convey comments or questions about the data displayed.

LandMark does not display boundaries of indigenous and community lands that have been digitized from static e. In most cases, the Operational Team also engages country experts to review boundary data before it is posted. Data from LandMark-initiated research is also subject to a quality-control process that involves internal and external reviews.

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Documentation for all layers includes the source of the data and the data provider. The attributes for community level data also includes, when available, the methods of collection e.

Community level data are updated as new information is received from data providers, or approximately once per month. New National level data are uploaded to LandMark approximately once every four to six months, while existing data are updated approximately once per year.

The date that boundaries or attribute information were last updated by the data provider, as well as the date the data were uploaded to LandMark, are available in the attribute tables for all data layers.

Additional detail on the data quality standards for Community Level Data can be found in this document. The maps displayed on LandMark should be treated as a first, and not a singular or final, step in assessing the locations of lands held or used by Indigenous Peoples and communities.

Many Indigenous Peoples and communities have not mapped their lands, and LandMark does not include all maps that have been prepared by governments, civil society organizations, Indigenous Peoples, communities or other stakeholders.

Moreover, boundaries can change over time and with changing local circumstances. As a result, new data are added and existing data are updated on the platform on a regular basis see above.

Proper due diligence to verify boundaries e. Please refer to the Terms of Use for more information on the use of data and information displayed on LandMark.

Data Completeness Data Completeness Photo credit: Liz Alden Wily LandMark is a work in progress. The Operational Team is continuing to collect maps from governments, civil society organizations and other data holders to populate the Community level data layers.

Liz Alden Wily estimates that customary, community-based tenure systems extend over at least 8. This means that over 70 percent of the land in many countries is generally outside of the land register.

Even though a country may not have National or Community level data displayed on the platform, Indigenous Peoples and communities may still hold or use land in that country. The absence of data does not indicate the absence of indigenous or community land.LandMark is a work in progress.

The current Community level and National level data layers have gaps in data coverage, and LandMark‘s Steering Group envisions developing a number of additional data layers to add to the platform in the future. The following is a partial list of landmark court decisions in the United benjaminpohle.comrk decisions establish a significant new legal principle or concept or otherwise substantially change the interpretation of existing a decision may settle the law in more than one way: distinguishing a new principle that refines a prior principle, thus departing from prior practice without violating.

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Landmark case evaluation

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