Patho final study guide

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Patho final study guide

Store Pathophysiology Study Tips for Success Are you taking pathophysiology and need some tips on how to succeed in this class? If so, this article will help you! In this article, I share some tips I used to pass pathophysiology.

Most nursing school programs require students to take patho. Pathophysiology can be an intense class because of all the information you have to learn in such a short time frame. However, I would say that pathophysiology is one of the most important classes you will take in nursing school because it helps you understand why a patient is presenting with certain signs and symptoms and why you are performing those certain nursing interventions.

You must develop a study plan and stick to it. Requires you study for it weekly! If you are covering the respiratory system this week, prior to going to class brush up on lung anatomy and physiology and how everything works NORMALLY.

So, when you go to lecture and your professor is talking about pneumoniayou will understand how the alveoli start to become inflamed and why gas exchange is impaired and why the patient will have respiratory acidosis etc.

Every professor is different in their teaching style. Some give you a study guide prior to the exam, are great at presenting lectures and cover everything you need to know for the exam. Also, know you are going to have to study a lot on your own and research concepts to understand the material.

Learn what type of learner you are!

Patho final study guide

As an auditory learner, I learn best by listening over and over to lectures I recorded my patho lectures and found I learned something new every time I went back and listened. In addition, I re-wrote my notes and explained the material to myself and taught others. Pick what works for you and do it!

No one is the same in how they learn! Plus, you need to know the patho as a nurse. Make this class your number one priority over your other classes!

If you can, try to take easier classes while taking this class, so you have time to study for this class. Every week you need to review material covered in class and study prior to class and right after class.

Create mnemonics for similar content! Mnemonics are great memory aids and make learning less mundane. In patho, you will be covering diseases that are very similar, so use mnemonics to help you keep them separate.

My YouTube videos and review notes have many mnemonics to help you learn. Pathophysiology is a great study guide I recommend. It helps break down the material in an easy way and focuses on what you need to know for exams. You should use this as a supplement to your class notes and textbook.

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Clap your hands together and then move them away from each other; this is abduction. Download this HIM study guide to get exam ready in less time! Study guide uploaded on Dec 5, 6 Page(s). Study 62 Patho Final flashcards from Chelsey A.

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View Test Prep - Pathophysiology Final Study Guide from NSG at South University, Savannah. Pathophysiology Final Study Guide Patho Section 1 Cell & 97%(38).

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