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List of orbits Various earth orbits to scale; cyan represents low earth orbit, yellow represents medium earth orbit, the black dashed line represents geosynchronous orbit, the green dash-dot line the orbit of Global Positioning System GPS satellites, and the red dotted line the orbit of the International Space Station ISS. The first satellite, Sputnik 1was put into orbit around Earth and was therefore in geocentric orbit. By far this is the most common type of orbit with approximately 1, [19] artificial satellites orbiting the Earth. Geocentric orbits may be further classified by their altitude, inclination and eccentricity.

Satellite at our services

Support Our satellites We own and operate a total of 13 satellites flying in geostationary orbit 35,km 22, miles above the Earth. Together they deliver our global maritime and aviation safety, L-band broadband, high-speed Ka-band, and European inflight Wi-Fi S-band services.

Our satellites We own and operate a total of 13 satellites flying in geostationary orbit 35,km 22, miles above the Earth. GX is transforming whole industries by offering highly reliable, fully scalable connectivity solutions for users on land, at sea, and in the air.

The first three I-5 satellites were launched between December and Augustwith global commercial service starting in December I-5 body — approximately 7m Solar arrays — wingspan of The combination of the latest satellite technology and a focus on areas of high demand will further enhance the customer experience.

The fifth I-5 satellite is targeted for launch at the end of Developed in partnership with Deutsche Telekom, the network will give European aviation a cutting edge inflight connectivity experience. It has been fully operational since September Inmarsat-3 The first generation to use spot-beam technology, the Inmarsat-3 L-band satellites were launched between to power maritime and aviation communication and safety services.

Although three of the five satellites are still in service, we are migrating operational services across to our I-4 fleet throughout For the latest information on the migration programme, click here.

The I-6 satellites represent a step change in the capacity of our L-band services and will support a new generation of capabilities, from advanced global safety services and very low cost mobile services to Internet of Things IoT applications. Two I-6 satellites are being constructed by Airbus Defence and Space.

Satellite at our services

In an exciting development in our launch plan strategy, we have signed our first agreement with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries MHI.As part of Inmarsat’s US$ billion programme commitment, a fourth Global Xpress satellite (I-5 F4) was launched in May to provide additional GX capacity.

European Aviation Network. Our S-band satellite will provide multi-beam coverage over Europe as part of the European Aviation Network (EAN). Asianet Satellite Communications Limited, a pioneer in the provision of Digital cable TV, Broadband Internet services, Cable Cast channels, Events & Teleshopping, Started in , has a legacy of over 25 years as a Service Provider in Kerala, is the First MSO (Multiple System Operator) in Kerala to get the coveted BECIL Certification.

Our remote sensing services start with image search and acquisition. We work with every commercial and public source of satellite imagery to provide client-driven imagery solutions. We can search thousands of image data records for a site or location of interest across the entire array of image data sources to find the optimal imagery for the.

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Aircraft Tracking | Satellite Asset Tracking | Blue Sky Network Main objectives[ edit ] Inthe different concepts of the three main contributors of ESA Germany, France and Italy [12] for Galileo were compared and reduced to one by a joint team of engineers from all three countries.

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