The lack of media coverage of professional wrestling

In addition, a well-received HBO documentary on the life of Andre the Giant got a lot of mainstream attention.

The lack of media coverage of professional wrestling

Ruby attempted to interfere again, but Brie took her and Logan out with a suicide dive, and Nikki sealed the deal with a Rack Attack 2. Every time Gable was in the ring, on the other hand, it seemed like someone was getting suplexed.

Given that they seemingly had Roode scouted better, The Ascension fully committed themselves to a game of keep away and isolated The Glorious One.

They were so focused, in fact, that Viktor missed Gable tagging in at the moment of truth, and they paid dearly for that oversight. This team may have started due to some hero worship from Gable.

But now, it would appear, the admiration is mutual. Anything Ronda Rousey can do, Alexa Bliss can do better? With the help of a cheap shot from Mickie James and Alicia Fox, Bliss finished off The Queen of Harts by locking in an armbar that she refused to release until Rousey stormed the ring.

Rousey rallied with some haymakers to the ribs to send Alexa running, but there was no denying some damage had been done. That time has come: Axel found himself stranded, however, after The Scottish Psychopath stormed the ring and took Dallas out by fastballing him into the turnbuckle.

Now this is unexpected: Turns out someone was listening. Does Bobby Lashley need anger management? However, what was starting out as a petty confrontation between Lashley and The Maharaja turned out to be something far more physical when a genuinely angry Superstar made his presence known.

Coming into Raw, it seemed possible that Braun Strowman could only be slowed down, not stopped. Strowman rallied to defeat Finn with a Running Powerslam, at which point the pack began to circle for another three-on-one mauling.

Enter The Shield, who rolled into the arena in a commandeered police van and made a beeline for their assembled foes. While Ziggler helped dispose of Seth Rollins by ramming the van door into his face and McIntyre Claymored Dean Ambrose on the ramp, Strowman downed Roman Reigns by clobbering him with the steel steps and driving him into the ground with a Running Powerslam.

The Shield would ultimately refuse medical attention.

The lack of media coverage of professional wrestling

It used to be the only thing that could destroy The Shield was The Shield itself. Results Numbers in parentheses indicate the length of the match.There has always been The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, as well as specialty sites, such as Wrestling Inc., but mainstream media coverage on the industry was rarely seen.

The Spectacle of Wrestling I grew up watching pro - wrestling on television. As a child, I was fascinated with the spectacle of the wrestling matches and at the wrestlers themselves.

At that age, I . Coverage of professional wrestling as a legitimate sport See also: Kayfabe In its early days, ESPN aired various professional wrestling programs, including AWA Championship Wrestling from the American Wrestling Association as well .

I feel that one major reason for the scarce information on pro- wrestling is due to the lack of media coverage. Wrestling is infamous for blurring the lines between true sport and pure entertainment.

Voila, professional wrestling. While promoters believed in the spectacle, "real" wrestlers were attracted to the physicality and technique of the sport. Point-scoring systems were implemented to combat the problem of the five-hour match and the sport was championed by all levels of education.

media coverage. The use of a domestic violence frame was absent from the majority of news coverage used for this study. Professional wrestling, as well as World Wrestling Entertainment, did not seem to be framed negatively in relationship to the Benoit crimes.

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