Writing a page 98 paper mache

Tools like a Dremel, utility knife, file and personal protective equipment PPE will be incredibly useful for any prop or costume you want to make in the future. I am a firm believer that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. You can always just use a utility knife, kitchen knife, or sander!

Writing a page 98 paper mache

See Ancient Mayan Culture for resources Cascarones - from Maggie White There is a tradition in Mexico of making cascarones eggshell "crackers" filled with confetti. They are created for fiestas and street-party types of celebrations, not just around Easter.

Make cones of rolled newspaper or Kraft Paper - brown paper bags would work, toowith the larger end sized so the egg fits partway into it. Decorate the cones, then lightly glue the filled eggs in them. I have done this with my kindergarteners and they loved the look.

I passed out many sheets of thin tissue paper of all colors about 9 x 12 23 x They then were instructed to cut on the fold lines and make triangles, squares, half circles etc. When opened they were thrilled at their cut designs. I then strung them from the ceiling across our hall and they looked quite festive.

There is an excellent documentary about the actual Mexican paper being cut with a machete. Make one for yourself. In Mexico, The central eye was made when a child was born. Each year, a bit of yarn was added until the child turned five at which point the Ojo was complete.

Here is a very complex Huichol design read description Many instructions can be found online - from simple to complex.

Mexican - Hispanic Arts and Crafts Lesson Plans Frida Kahlo Self Portrait Retablo - See lesson activity [Archive] - Try a variation of this by having the student do a contour drawing in glue on cardboard - then covering with foil for a relief effect.

writing a page 98 paper mache

Use heavy duty foil so textures can be added. Try painting on Tooling Foil. Adaptable for elementary through high school use tooling foil and thinned Acrylic Paint for high school.

What if you tried some reverse glass painting? Use Plexiglas and have students make a foil tooled frame accent frame with gel markers. Tape Plexiglas to mirror put cardboard easel back on mirror. Paint details and patterns. Fill in larger areas remember what you put down first is what is going to show on front - you are painting highlights first.

Maybe even use thinned Acrylic Paint.

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Paint Markers could be used for patterns. Back painting with cardboard covered with aluminum foil. Glue to foil tooled frame. Paintings can be around 5" x 7" Plexiglas can be obtained free from window companies.

Cardboard relief frame covered with heavy duty foil could be substituted for foil tooled frame.

Gamache Series Open Discussion | Chief Inspector Gamache Series

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera: The personal and artistic development of both artists is highlighted in this beautifully illustrated book, as well as a history of 20th Century Mexico and a look at Ancient Mexico, giving children a well-rounded look into these legendary Mexican artists. Thanks Paintings - by Jesse Rachel Cukierkorn.

Try this lesson painting with thinned acrylics on tooling foil copper or aluminum. Thin with gloss medium. Paper Mache Masks -Middle School - can use plastic mask forms - or newspaper humps wrapped in foil.

Michele O'Brien uses plaster gauze and plaster with her high school students. They sand them smooth and paint with acrylics. The smooth surface approaches the look of wood. Oaxacan Animals - Wood assemblage - elementary through middle school by Linda Woods.Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool A complete, free online Christian homeschool curriculum for your family and mine.

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