Yamama cement company valuation

The country is also the largest market for construction work in the Middle East, ahead of Iran, Turkey, and other neighboring Gulf countries. Hence, the demand for cementwhich constitutes the intrinsic component in construction activities, is inevitably high in Saudi Arabia. In terms of volume, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia cement market exhibited a production capacity of 55, Cement is the cornerstone of construction activities around the world.

Yamama cement company valuation

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Yamama cement company valuation

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Yamama cement company valuation

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Al-Khobar/Saudi Arabia Site Manager- Business Yamama Cement Plant Employer: Yamama Saudi MW Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant . Yamama Cement Company 1Q – First Look Buy 12 Month Target Price SAR 35 Depreciation Impacts 1Q.

We consider this relationship a strategic partnership and hopefully it will be rewarding for both parties," says Mr. Jehad Abdul Aziz Al Rasheed, General Manager, Yamama Cement Company.

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"We appreciate and value the partnership with Yamama Cement Company for the power plant project. Yamama Saudi Cement Company Ltd (Yamama Cement) is a construction company that manufactures and distributes construction materials.

The company’s products include clinkers, ordinary Portland cement, sulfate resistant cement, finishing cement, moderate sulfate resisting cement, white cement, colored cement, oil wells cement, .

Saudi Arabia's Yamama Cement Company signs US$ bn contract with ThyssenKrupp. Posted on 26th November Saudi Arabia's Yamama Cement Company has signed a SR billion ($ billion) contract with Germany's ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions to build a new cement plant, the company said in a statement on Wednesday.

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